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Upgrade our roof antenna: 70 HDTV channels in Chicago

Upgrade our roof antenna: 70 HDTV channels in Chicago
Notification: Antennas Direct has offered me with two tv antennas for this assessment. I’ve been compensated for this publish. This submit incorporates affiliate hyperlinks. Read the complete disclosure coverage.

Odd my readers know that I'm an enormous fan of OTA tv – it's free! There are numerous digital television channels that may be watched reside, each right here in Chicago and throughout the country. Each television in our home is related to our ceiling antenna (including the toilet TV!), As a result of the cost of watching tv isn’t cheaper than … zero dollars.

Last week, I shared a assessment of the Antennas Direct ClearStream FLEX Indoor HDTV. antenna. Our daughter moved into a new condo and after putting in this antenna on the wall, she enjoys 75 free TV channels in the town.

In accordance with current news, in accordance with DirectTV and the AT & T dropped from CBS and NBC commissioned on the composition of their TV channels, I’ve heard from readers who’re contemplating putting in a television antenna to take pleasure in these channels once more freed from cost. Particularly, many wrote this week to ask which outside antenna they should purchase.

In final week's evaluate of the ClearStream FLEX indoor antenna, I observed that it didn't work almost as well as the ceiling mounted antenna. Our previous, elemental TV antenna has been a workhorse for us each in this home and in our previous house. It is over 25 years previous, and despite a number of damaged parts, it still produces a great signal.

Three years in the past, I checked out considered one of Antennas Direct's premium HDTV antennas – Direct ClearStream 4V antennas – and in contrast it to my elemental antenna. I felt like this was an awesome antenna with a whole lot of potential, however it simply didn't pull as many channels as our previous elemental antenna. I'm all the time trustworthy critiques and I knew that the antenna was capable of convey digital channels clearly underneath the proper circumstances. Our daughter took this antenna to the university, installed it outdoors, and was capable of pull channels over 150 miles away – unimaginable!

Nevertheless, there is a large tree in our front yard, simply down the path of the antenna, and I suspected that the tree was affecting the efficiency of the ClearStream 4V sub-optimal efficiency. Here's a photograph taken in 2016 of a tree guard in entrance of our antenna:

Once we know we stay more than an hour west of the town, we now have one thing built to receive channels distant, a must. If potential, putting in a tv antenna outdoor and as excessive as attainable will drastically help your reception.

As the reader took an interest in OTA TV, I felt it was time to take a look at this ClearStream 4V. It’s designed to receive channels over 70 miles away.

Last yr we had an enormous tree pruned in the yard. The tree cutters reduce many branches on the aspect of the tree that have been instantly in the path of the antenna. After I last examined this antenna, our adjacent neighbors additionally carried a mature tree that limited our yard. I hope these elements assist the antenna's efficiency.

Elementtiantennimme has also suffered extra injury in current years – offending tree branches have been broken off and landed on the antenna by bending more of the elements (one more reason we needed to, that the remaining branches, which exceed katomme, was minimize off.) I’m frankly amazed that the previous our antennas are nonetheless doing their thing and working nicely, but some days we’ve got reception problems with Channel 62 and Channel 13 and 17 off Rockford.

It was time to get back on the roof and let the ClearStream 4V go again!

Just as I tested this antenna in 2016, I installed it on the identical mast as our present cell antenna, positioned ClearStream 4V on the similar angle because the cell antenna, after which moved the coaxial cable to the brand new antenna. In 2016, on check day, I was capable of obtain 61 channels with our previous antenna, however solely 11 channels with this ClearStream 4V. I used to be actually stunned because I used to be anticipating this antenna to carry out higher. It has lots of of great evaluations from different customers.

Word that our unique antenna continues to be at the prime of the mast but is not related. I installed ClearStream 4V on an present mast and is the one antenna related to the coaxial that serves the remainder of our house.

The ClearStream 4V is far smaller than our unique antenna – right here's what it seems like:

As a consequence of its measurement comparability, the antenna is resting on the deck chairs in this image.

I’m pleased to inform you that now, in 2019, the same Clearstream 4V was capable of pull in a wide ranging 70 channel, in addition to Chicago, Chicagolandin neighborhoods that sort of Rockford!

2-1 WBBM (CBS, Chicago, IL)
2-2 Activate the TV (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
5-1 WMAQ (NBC, Chicago, IL)
5-2 Cozi (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
7-1 WLS (ABC, Chicago, IL)
7-2 Reside Properly (Way of life Tv, Chicago, IL)
9-1 WGN (CW, Chicago, IL)
9-2 Antenna Television (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
9-3 THIS TV (Retro Movies & Tv, Chicago, IL)
9-4 TBT (actuality television and viral video, Chicago, IL)
11-1 WTTW (PBS, Chicago, IL)
11-2 Prime (PBS, Chicago, IL)
11-Three Create (Cooking, Travel, Housekeeping, Chicago, IL)
11-4 PBS Youngsters (Youngsters's Programming, Chicago, IL)
13-1 WREX (NBC, Rockford, IL)
13-2 Stateline CW (CW, Rockford, IL)
13-Three Me Television (Basic Television, CW, Rockford, IL)
13-Four Courtroom TV (CW, Rockford, IL)
13-5 Justice Network (True Crime Tv, Rockford, IL)
17-1 WTVO (ABC, Rockford, IL)
17-2 MyNet (Tourism, Sports, Rockford, IL)
17-3 Laff (Sitcoms, Rockford, IL)
17-Four Grit TV (Basic Westerns and Motion, Joliet, IL)
20-1 WYCC (PBS, Chicago, IL)
26-1 U (WCIU, Local & Basic TV, Chicago, IL)
26-2 UToo (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
26-Three Me Television (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
26-Four Heroes and Icons (Basic Tv, Chicago, IL)
26-5 Bounce (African American Films and Tv, Chicago, IL)
26-6's (Basic Tv and Documentary, Chicago, IL)
32-1 WFLD (Fox, Chicago, IL)
32-2 films! (Films, Chicago, IL)
32-3 Buzzr (Basic Recreation Present, Chicago, IL)
32-4 Light-weight TV (Household Friendly Programming, Chicago, IL)
34-1 MCTV
34-2 Retro TV (Basic Television, Chicago, IL)
38-1 ion (Basic and Unique Tv, Chicago, IL)
38-2 Qubo (Youngsters's Tv, Chicago, IL)
38-3 Ion Plus (Way of life Tv, Chicago, IL)
38-Four SHOP (House Purchasing, Chicago, IL)
38-5 QVC (House Retailer, Chicago, IL)
38-6 HSN (Residence Buying Community, Chicago, IL)
39-1 WQRF (Fox, Rockford, IL)
39-2 Bounce (African American Films and Television, Rockford, IL)
39-3 Escape (Crime and Mystery TV, Rockford, IL)
44-1 WSNS (Telemundo, Chicago, IL)
44-2 TeleXitos (Spanish Action & Journey, Chicago, IL)
48-1 WCIU (United States, Chicago, IL)
48-2 UToo (Basic Television, Chicago, IL)
48-Three WBBM (CBS, Chicago, IL)
48s to 40s (Basic Tv and Documentary, Chicago, IL)
50-1 WPWR (My 50 Chicago, IL)
60-1 WYJS (Univision, Aurora, IL)
60-2 Escape (Crime & Thriller TV, Aurora, IL)
60-3 Quest (outside and adventure programming, Aurora, IL)
62-1 WYJS (Spiritual Programming, Chicago, IL)
62-2 Prism (Spiritual Programming, Chicago, IL)
62-Three Prism2 (Basic and Elevating Tv, Chicago, IL)
62-4 Heartland (Country Music Tv, Chicago, IL)
62-5 QVC (House Retailer, Chicago, IL)
62-6 Prism Spanish (Spanish Spiritual Programming, Chicago, IL)
62-7 JTV (Jewellery House Purchasing, Chicago IL)
62-Eight Evine Stay (Residence Store, Chicago, IL)
62-9 HSN (Residence Purchasing Network (Chicago, IL)
62-10 MCTV (Spiritual Programming, Chicago, IL)
66-1 Univision (WGBO, Spanish Tv, Joliet, IL)
66-2 Laff (Sitcoms, Joliet, IL)
66-Three Get Tv (Basic Films and Tv, Joliet, IL)
66-4 Justice Network (True Crime Tv, Joliet, IL)
66-5 Grit Tv (Basic Westerns and Motion, Joliet, IL)

The clear sky view in front of the antenna made a huge distinction to this ClearStream 4V antenna. On the day of the check, with our previous elemental antenna, our channel 62 group got here in typically pixelated, as did channels 13, 17 and 39 from Rockford. Switching to ClearStream clearly introduced in all three channels.

Also, I was glad that the TV in our backyard was now capable of receive more channels than before. Because I had to run a cable, this TV is farthest from the antenna drop. I also needed to put the splitter in line with the TV in the other room to run this cable, which also reduces the sign degree.

Whereas definitely not important to our backyard TV, it's fun! We use it all the time once we grill, eat, or hang out. We stopped receiving the whole Channel 26 group in this yard the last time one other tree branch fell on our previous antenna. With ClearStream 4V, we now have U, MeTV and its sister channels again in the backyard.

We now use ClearStream 4V as the first antenna. Our elemental antenna will keep on the roof because I do not intend to remove it presently. (Hey, it doesn't hassle anyone here.)

One further observe: We have now a Pico signal amplifier mounted on an in-house coaxial cable slightly below the antenna drop (that is the mannequin.) A high-quality sign amplifier will even has a constructive effect on the variety of channels acquired.

Last Antenna Thoughts:

Each time I’m requested to evaluation a product, I try to current my experience accurately.

Television reception might be an unsure factor. Examine the smaller variety of channels I carried last week with the Antennas Direct ClearStream FLEX Wall Mount Antenna compared to the ceiling mount – 21 versus 70 – as well as the number of channels I now get in the same location with ClearStream 4V every three years.

In case you stay outdoors the town limits and need the perfect tv reception, installing an antenna outdoors is a large difference.

In case you are on the lookout for a brand new tv antenna, it is advisable to buy from a retailer with a buyer friendly return policy if the first one you are attempting to do isn’t working as you meant. is. Amazon provides free delivery and free returns. Additionally it is advisable to reposition the antenna a number of occasions, re-scan between each cross to see in case you can pull much more channels.

Once again, I respect the power of Antennas Direct to examine this television antenna. ClearStream 4V retail prices are round $ 100 and should offer you limitless free TV – all the time one of the best worth!

Study extra about Antennas Direct:

Study extra about Antennas Direct merchandise at Antennas Direct merchandise are also out there at Amazon, Walmart, Greatest Purchase, Lowe's shops and other retailers.

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Announcement: Antennas Direct has offered me with two tv antennas for this evaluation. I have been compensated for this submit. This submit accommodates affiliate links. Read the complete disclosure policy.