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True Iran – and the reasons why it is one of the most paradoxical countries in the world

Jack Straw meets Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as part of a British parliamentary delegation in Tehran. January 2014 (Photo: Author's Collection)

In Tehran and other Iranian cities, everybody could seem calm, organized and enthusiastic. Ladies use their cap as required by regulation; believers among hundreds flip to spiritual ceremonies.

Slightly below floor degree, nevertheless, Iran is far from peace. The arduous line, the spiritual regime – which took control of the Shah after the rebellion in 1979 and has since held real energy in the country – is shifting in one course, the majority of the population in one other.

overseas secretary, I turned fascinated, amazed, livid and confused by this unique country. I tried to know it higher and I've achieved ever since, as I’ll explain in a brand new ebook, The English Job.

In 2001, I was the first British Overseas Minister to visit the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and I have had several visits since.

Its individuals are, with a number of exceptions, gratifying. They have the most skills, imagination, inventiveness, a fantastic information of literature and tradition, a passion for poetry. I like many Iranians as pals – and so I’ve discovered that many appear to be one factor in public, however quite one other personal matter.

Jack Straw met Iranian Overseas Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as part of a British Parliament delegation to Tehran in January 2014 (Photograph: Writer's Assortment)


Persian secret lives [19659007] Walk round any major city exactly. The headscarves of many women, each middle-aged and younger, are pushed back so far as attainable, with unbridled respect for the previous males who management how ladies should wear.

Beneath unfastened fur, they could be dressed in the tightest. tight denims, and ladies's eyes and face are closely shaped. Human make-up consumption ranks seventh in the world.

This ambition can put these ladies at odds with the official "moral police" who enforce the guidelines. For example, in the three months of 2014, for example, 220,000 ladies have been taken to a police station to signal statements promising the correct use of the scarf, and in response to the Interior Ministry, eight,269 individuals have been arrested.

  Woman testing crown at her wedding ceremony in downtown Tehran, Iran (Photo: AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi) Lady testing crown at her wedding ceremony ceremony in downtown Tehran, Iran (Photograph: AP Photograph / Ebrahim Noroozi)

Alcohol on ki. Nevertheless, it is so extensively out there – a lot of it do-it-yourself – that, based on The Economist, most Muslim countries are just behind Lebanon and Turkey, the place its gross sales and consumption are legal, per capita.

TV and Iranian radio are tightly controlled, while the state filters the Internet and blocks social media sites – notwithstanding that the prime leader himself sometimes used his own Twitter account. Regardless of the dangers, hundreds of thousands of Iranians use their ingenuity to bypass this censorship. Extra open access to the Internet shall be ensured via virtual personal networks; fly over any city and take a look at the roofs with illegal satellite tv for pc dishes. BBC Persia is watched by 11 million individuals, and hundreds of thousands extra by other overseas TV channels.

The state claimed to seize 270,000 satellite dishes in 2015, however it is dropping the battle.

  Iranians buy capital of the Islamic Republic in Tehran (photo: ATTA KENARE / AFP) ATTA KENARE / AFP / Getty Images Iranians buy capital of Islamic Republic in Tehran open market (photograph: ATTA KENARE / AFP) ATTA KENARE / Getty Pictures

Although it is an Islamic republic, the number of common guests to mosques has also decreased. "People laugh at all the craziness the bubbles tell them," says former Iranian diplomat Darioush Bayandor.

The end result is a land full of paradoxes; a bunch of contradictions.

It is no marvel that as many as 150,000 educated Iranians depart the country annually – people who might contribute to its improvement.

So what's behind this oppression? And why haven't individuals obtained rid of it?

  Iranians take selfies on the Gulf Martyrs Lake, west of Tehran (Photo: AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi) Iranians take selfies on the Gulf Martyrs west. From Tehran (Photograph: AP Photograph / Ebrahim Noroozi)

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The true leader of Iran

. There is a difference between the public and personal life of Iranian citizens, together with the politicians who voted and the people who truly rule the nation.

The true president of the Islamic Republic is not elected Hassan Rouhani, who will depart the office in 2021, however Supreme Chief Ali Khamenei, the actual president for life.

  Iran's President Hassan Rouhani re-elected after 2017 re-election to stand next to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Photo: ATTA KENARE / AFP / Getty Images) Iran's President Hassan Rouhani after his re-election in 2017 stands Iran's Supreme Chief Next to the portrait of Khamenei (Photograph: ATTA KENARE / AFP / Getty Pictures)

Every state – the police, the judiciary, the intelligence providers, the military, the Basij militia and the revolutionary guard – belongs to the prime leader. Elected ministers haven’t any position and elements of the system are virtually beneath management.

This causes large competition, as my spouse and I experienced throughout our vacation in October 2015. The Iranian police had to shield us. – not from terrorists, but from another state arm, the Basij militia. I can't assume of anybody else in the world the place this occurs except Iran.

"I had a bodyguard from the normal police," informed one of our former diplomats in Iran, "protecting me alone.

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What Nazan's Zaghari-Ratcliffe Case Tells Us

The story of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British and Iranian citizen, is a much worse example of this cut up. In Iranian prisons since April 2016 and sentenced to five years in jail for alleged anti-governmentism, he was on a household go to at the time.

British ministers and diplomats have tried exhausting to secure his release, but they will solely converse with elected Rouhan government officials9. Rouhani can rely on Khamenei and operating. the judiciary on pardon. In response, Khamenei and the Deep State might ignore such petitions, as they routinely do.

As Overseas Minister Javad Zarif explained, "We have no government control over the judiciary."

  Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe with her daughter Gabriella (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Free Nazanin Campaign / Getty Images) Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe together with her daughter Gabriella (Image: AFP PHOTO / Free Nazanin Marketing campaign / Getty Photographs)

All correctly functioning democracies have a legal system within arm's attain of the government. However in true democracies, the police, armed forces and intelligence providers are underneath lively management of all elected parliaments and ministers. Such management is utterly missing in Iran.

It is no marvel that Rouhani advised Reformist figures in Might 2019: “The federal government has no energy over overseas coverage, it doesn’t know the place / when it is allowed or not. to negotiate, cultural policies, IRIB state tv, mosques and cyberspace aren’t underneath government management. "

  Former Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohsen Rezaei, second left, greets Iranian President Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, right (Photo: Office of Office) Supreme Commander of Iran through AP) Former Revolutionary Forces Commander Mohsen Rezaei, second left, Supreme Commander of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Right (Photograph: Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran via AP)

No one is protected

Even older politicians can endure in the arms of their power holders.

Two loyal servants of the Revolution and candidates for the 2009 elections – Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi – have been h abusers since 2011; Some reactionary MEPs have even referred to as for executions. Their "crime"? Marketing campaign for a freer Iran.

Former President Mohammad Khatami has been declared non-private. He can’t travel abroad, and the media is prohibited from disclosing his words or publishing photographs as a result of he helps Mousavia and Karroub.

When he was first elected, Rouhani announced that he would assist safe the launch of Mousavi and Karroub. Six years later, they’re arrested.

  Portrait of Mir Hossein Mousav, who has been under house arrest since February 2011, held high during Tehran demonstration in 2013 (Photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Images) Portrait of Mir Hossein Mousav, who has been beneath home arrest since February 2011 held high throughout the Tehran demonstration in 2013 (Photograph: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Photographs)

Hold That Family

Nevertheless, there is one group in Iran that doesn’t need to go as long as unusual individuals to bypass the inflexible codes of the Islamic Republic. These are the elite households who run the nation. They are sarcastically generally known as "aghazadeh" or "born born".

One of the accusations made towards the Shah's regime was that the country was run by hundreds of families who acquired rich at their own expense. dangerous. The primary Supreme Leader, Ruhollah Khomeini – also recognized in the West as Ayatollah Khomeini – insisted that everyone ought to stay a modest life.

Now, nevertheless, hundreds of households close to royal households have been changed by households close by. energy facilities of the Islamic Republic.

Aghazadeh is somewhat ashamed of posting pictures of himself on Instagram. That's why the son of retired Basic Saeed Toloue from the Revolutionary Guard poses with a pet tiger, drives a Cadillac and throws a lavish get together at his two-yr-previous daughter.

Throughout a current visit to London, Khomeini's granddaughter, Yasaman Eshraghi, revealed a photograph of herself carrying a $ three,800 (£ 3,100) Dolce & Gabbana purse alongside a BMW.

Khomeini's grandson, 21-year-previous priest Ahmad Khomeini, was photographed by a driving membership using trendy import gear.

Mohammad-Reza Sobhani, son of the former Iranian Ambassador to Venezuela, "systematically sends photographs of himself enjoying champagne by the pool, sometimes naked with women in the background," Arab Weekly reported. "Other photographs show him driving a Bugatti car and lighting his cigarettes on dollar bills."

No one in Iran believes that each one of this property might have been legally acquired. They’re signs of not only economic but in addition moral corruption that destroys the legitimacy of the system from within.

  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (photo: Iranian President's Office via AP) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Photograph: Iranian Presidential Office via AP)

Reminiscences of overseas interference

Iranians have good reasons sensitive to the method other, more powerful nations have treated them in the previous, together with the British. [19659002] In the last century, the United Kingdom occupied the nation for 5 years between 1941 and 1946, changing Iranian drivers and installing new ones. It supported Shah's own repression. And it secretly provided Iraq's Saddam Hussein with weapons after he invaded Iran in 1980, starting a warfare that killed a whole lot of hundreds of individuals. In the UK we should not have a standard memory for our operations. Iran has.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, and his wife Farah Diba in Morocco in 1979, shortly after they fled their nation in the midst of a revolution (Photograph: Getty)

Unfortunately, the historical past of overseas intervention in Iran is used by the ruling elite to justify intolerance. However what about the future? The country has combined opinions about where Iran ought to go subsequent and how Iranians ought to stay their lives, though it cannot be brazenly mentioned.

"Tehran today resembles Prague or Budapest in the 1980s." a British diplomat who had served in each japanese and Iran informed me. “There is nervousness there; conversations behind cups; and appreciation for one thing to offer. "
But what provides first?

Trying to the Future Khamenei is 79 years previous. He's not in fine condition. Every time he ceases to be the highest chief, those around him and dependent on his authority, especially the revolutionary guard, attempt exhausting to take care of his large wealth and energy.

We will see more of the similar in the future. In the event of critical unrest, a army dictatorship might be established.

Alternatively, we will see Iran embarking on a path in the direction of more open and democratic establishments. Some inside the country have already been bold sufficient to demand such a change.

The more Reformists can present Iran the advantages of cooperation with the outdoors world, the extra energy they have and the much less and less persuasive will they have. to be in the place of onerous strains in the direction of their own individuals.

  Iran Donald Trump has stated that Iran's Supreme Chief Ali Khamenei is "ultimately responsible for the hostile behavior of the regime" (Photograph: AFP / Getty Pictures)

Iran is a proud nation and strongly nationalist. It requires respect and recognition in the international group.

It was this want that led to the election of Rouhan and the Iran cope with the United States, the United Kingdom and other overseas powers in 2015 to curtail its nuclear program. If the Democrat had been elected to the White House by the end of 2016, the trade would have been caught.

As an alternative, Donald Trump has given up the deal – a reckless motion that has already made the world a more dangerous place, boosting commerce. the most loud-hearted voices inside the administration, and elevated Chinese language influence over Iran.

Impression of Trump sanctions

US sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have restricted Iran's capability to import products abroad in current months, leading to high inflation.

Households have been severely affected by increased meals prices. Beef has gone from 380,000 rials (£ 8) per kilogram three months in the past to just about 1.2 million rials, in line with CNBC, while pasta has quadrupled in worth and canned tuna is virtually eight occasions what it was.

Subsidies and worth laws are utilized by the Tehran government to limit its effects. One family dwelling in the country says they hope the unique monetary shock is over and issues are secure.

Tehran Government, sensitive to the needs and opinions of its residents, needs to end the self-imposed isolation and economic state of affairs in Iran. the struggling, might take unilateral action in their very own pursuits, to return their protection and safety opticians to concentrate on measures needed to guard Iran's territorial integrity, and to chorus from specializing in the hopeless objective of eradicating Israel from the state.

However it will depend on Iran's means to hold out inner political reforms to regulate all its forces from an uncontrolled deep state to a elected government.

The international group will help or hinder inner reform efforts – not by covert strategies. it had resorted to devastating penalties in the past, however by understanding and respecting Iran and its individuals, working to end isolation and talking

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