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Top 10 Strange Information about France

Top 10 Strange Information about France

There are numerous strange but fascinating details that you may not know about France. Some are cool, some disgusting and a few are unimaginable. Then there are the information that make you choke.

Anyway, all of them have in widespread that they’re just weird – each one in every of them. Some of these information might turn into a sort of cultural shock for non-French citizens in the event that they ever should experience their own personal experiences, comparable to legally marrying the lifeless, or partaking in mortgage or insurance schemes that only grow to be profitable after some dying.

with the lifeless.

Apparently the phrase "until death makes us" doesn’t all the time apply to French people who can legally marry the lifeless. Nekrogam, a wedding between the dwelling and the lifeless, has been legal in France because the 19th century, however solely after World Struggle I did it turn out to be seen.

At the moment, most marriages involved ladies who married late. boyfriends have been killed in front. Marriages have been crucial to make sure that the youngsters of late troopers are the legal heirs of their fathers.

Nevertheless, present regulation on nerogamy first appeared in 1959, when 423 individuals died after the failure of the Malpasset Dam. The fiancé of one of many victims, Andre Capra, Irene Jodar wrote to President de Gaulle asking him to marry the lifeless fiancé. President de Gaulle agreed.

Nevertheless, the newest marriages have strict circumstances. First, the couple had to prepare for marriage earlier than considered one of them died. A dwelling companion should even have a superb cause for wanting a wedding. When a lifeless companion is a person, it is actually because a dwelling couple is pregnant.

Although the wedding has gone by way of, a dwelling partnership can’t inherit the deceased's property or get hold of any type of settlement. Nevertheless, they could obtain a pension or life insurance coverage for the deceased. Ladies can also marry the surname of the lifeless males. The date of the marriage can also be listed because it was the day earlier than the couple's dying. [1]

9 Government Phrases forbidden by the English

The French Authorities is worried that English is weakening French. In truth, in 1966, President Charles de Gaulle denied any new English phrase entry to the French vocabulary. He additionally created the Fee's français to seek out French options to every new English phrase that’s more likely to fade into French.

The Fee has been very profitable. It replaced "email" with courriel, "dark web" with internet secret and "walkman" with baladeur. It also replaced "fake news" with infox and "hashtag" mot-diesie.

Nevertheless, in the midst of success there are all the time some failures. The Fee has not succeeded find the right French phrase to exchange 'smartphone'. They first tried voice telephones, however speakers shortly rejected it. The terminal de poche was also rejected. Nowadays, they only name it MFPs. [2]

8 The Viager system is certainly your home purchase

Overlook the mortgage; the French use the inheritance system – what many may contemplate a wedding between gaming and a mortgage. The belief system is nearly like a daily mortgage, besides you solely own the house when the home-owner is lifeless. Here's a primary overview of how it works:

A good home-owner, referred to as a "buyer," pays a down cost to the home-owner (seller), relying on the worth of the house. The customer makes smaller payments to the vendor each month until the vendor dies. The customer then takes possession of the property at this stage.

Commerce is gambling because it’s inconceivable to predict when a person will die. Consumers search for indicators of ailing well being on the home-owner earlier than getting into right into a contract. This consists of following their habits and checking their toilet to ensure they are on medicine.

Some intelligent salespeople have caught on and sometimes set up a facade of abuse when eager consumers come to inspect the house. They cowl their ft with material and sit on their sofas throughout the meeting. Additionally they avoid making moves that would recommend that they might reside longer than the aspiring buyer thinks.

The system just isn’t all the time a winner for a buyer who might lose their residence if they stop paying the monthly payment. Sellers are usually not required to refund previous payments and should even put the house in prison.

Things can get tough when the customer dies first, which typically happens. Sellers are sometimes widows and widowers who hope to get extra cash to get alongside. The youngsters of the customer must proceed to pay the month-to-month charges because of their dying and should lose the house if they do not pay.

One infamous case concerned Jeanne Calment's contract together with his lawyer Andre-Francois Raffray in 1965. At the time, Calment was 90, so Raffray – who was about 45 – thought he had found so much. The lump sum was paid prematurely by Raffray and thereafter month-to-month francs 2,500 (approximately $ 500).

Calment lived 32 years on the age of 122, which made him the present record-breaker for the longest individual ever. . Raffray died in 1995. His spouse began paying month-to-month funds to Calment till he died two years later. The deal was horrible on the time because Raffray and his widows had paid greater than twice the worth of the house. [3]

7 The Tontine is the last word life insurance.

If the inheritance system is a wedding between playing and a mortgage. , Tontine is a wedding between playing and insurance coverage. It consists of individuals who type a gaggle and contribute money. Let's take a look at the people who are insured and the money they have given to the capital. The insured will obtain interest on the quantity they pay.

Nevertheless, the tontine system really starts when one of many insured dies. His interest does not end, however is shared among the many different members of the group. This continues until just one individual is left. That individual gets an interest that belongs to everyone in the group. The government will take whatever stays after the demise of the last man.

The tontine was the mind safety of the Italian Lorenzo de Tont, who proposed it to King Louis XIV of France in the 18th century. It shortly turned widespread among French kings, who used it to borrow cash to finance their many wars. Apparently, tontines have been widespread in the USA in the 19th century. By 1905, there were 9 million tons, despite the fact that there have been only 18 million families in america. About 7.5 % of the US inhabitants also trusted them as their essential supply of revenue. Nevertheless, the variety of tontines decreased in america because the 20th century progressed. [4]

6 Radio stations of government troops to play French songs

The French authorities doesn’t consider that the English phrases are the only weapons of conflict involved within the conflict towards the French language. They have been fingered as the second major opponent of English music. In 1994, the federal government determined that French artists must perform with French artists 40% of the songs performed on radio stations.

Through the years, a wierd state of affairs arose where radio stations only continued to play the same track over. and over to satisfy their native content quota. Only ten songs have been performed 75 % of the time. This was partly as a result of there weren’t sufficient French songs and musicians at first. Many French artists also sing in English.

Nevertheless, there was a much bigger drawback with the audience, who clearly favored English music. Lately, radio stations claimed to be dropping listeners to streaming providers that aren’t affected by regulation. The radio channels additionally claimed that the French regulation enforcement authorities allowed the regulation to stay in drive because of their funding within the streaming providers in question.

In 2015, radio stations refused to play French songs all through the day in protest. [5] The federal government subsequently changed the regulation and decreased the quota to 35 %. It additionally added that radio stations have been solely capable of play the ten commonest French songs half the time.

5 drivers are technically required for Respiratory Tract.

France has tried unusual ways of driving drunk. As an alternative of hiding the cops someplace in the nook waiting for drunk drivers to speed, it only ordered automotive house owners to have breathalysers in their automobiles. The thought is to encourage drivers to test themselves to ensure they are too drunk to drive.

The regulation was controversial when it was passed in 2012. First, Daniel Orgeval, president of I-Check, an anti-narcotics driving group lobbying for regulation, labored at Contralco, one among two corporations in France that manufactured breathalysers to the required requirements. Orgeval shaped the group solely eight months before the regulation was handed.

Residents consider that the regulation was passed solely to promote the sale of breathalyzers and never for security reasons, as Orgeval and the government claimed. Nevertheless, Orgeval did not see a problem here. In accordance with him, the regulation was nonetheless satisfactory as it offered jobs for French corporations. [6] The regulation was suspended by the federal government in early 2013, but handed later that yr. There’s presently no precise wonderful or penalty for not having an breathalyser.

four drivers can't use telephones even when parked

In america, state legal guidelines regulate how drivers use their phones while driving. . Nevertheless, most states agree that drivers must bypass or use some type of hands-free know-how to make telephone calls. In France, the federal government does not consider so.

In 2018, the French authorities handed a regulation that made it unlawful for drivers to use their telephones while parked on the roadside. The ban also applies to stopping the engine. Drivers might use the telephone only when parked in a parking space or other parking area. They will use the telephone on the roadside provided that the automotive is damaged.

Every little thing else, they usually're charged for using their telephones whereas driving. The penalty is three factors in their data and a wonderful of $ 135 ($ 167). [7]

3 French regulation forbids taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night time

Have you ever ever seen a photograph of the Eiffel Tower at night time? There aren't as many footage as you assume. That's as a result of taking footage at night time within the tower is technically illegal. Eiffel Tower Lighting is taken into account a copyrighted work, which makes it illegal to click or distribute with out permission.

The regulation is predicated on the European Union Copyright Act, which protects unique works through the lifetime of their creators and for an additional 70 years after they die. The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel, who died in 1923. It was only authorized to photograph the tower in 1993. Nevertheless, night time pictures are illegal as a result of lighting was only added in 1985. [8]

2 Animals require tickets for rail journey

Animals need tickets to travel on French trains. Based on the French Railways Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer francais (SNCF), passengers presently need to pay EUR 7 for animals weighing less than 6 kilograms (13.2 kilos). Tickets for animals over 6 kg are half the worth of a second class ticket. Solely information canine can journey on trains without spending a dime. [9]

The regulation once triggered problems for a rider who traveled with some snails without flags. The ticket inspector knowledgeable him that he had to buy a $ 5.10 ticket from the snails, which he did. The occasion made news on the time, and for some purpose SNCF later returned the money.

1 Authorities awards to families who efficiently increase youngsters

On 26 Might 1920, the French authorities introduced the Medaille d "honneur de la famille francaise", a medal awarded to ladies who have raised at the least four youngsters alone and efficiently. The prize was established to recognize ladies whose youngsters turned fatherless when their spouses died in World Struggle I.

There have been three variations of the award: gold for ladies with eight or more youngsters, silver for ladies with six or seven youngsters, and bronze for ladies with 4 or five youngsters. Some bronze medals have been additionally awarded to distinctive widows with solely three youngsters. The widows did not receive the award until 1983.

One of many first men to receive the award was Pere Mayotte, a Catholic priest, although she could not be thought-about a widow. Mayotte had adopted and raised six youngsters after her mother's dying, her widow who was her housekeeper. In the present day the medal has been renamed La Medaille de la Famille and only the bronze version is released. [10]