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Our Story: I have a very strange and I like it DahNiel-Jae Harvey

Our Story: I have a very strange and I like it DahNiel-Jae Harvey

Can we need to admit it or not, many Jamaican residents are stigmatizing stickers for people who look, act, or assume in a different way than the plenty. This is bullying and the manifestation of discriminatory cultural legal guidelines on the island, which lead many to discuss with weight problems as "greasy", a one that is short-lived, "shortie", someone who lost a limb (hand or foot) as a "oneie". And these are the indications that I have shared, are delicate in comparison with the Jamaicans particular pet names that violate traditional social norms.

At the reception end, the holders of those labels typically result in uncertainty, suspicion, and

Meet and Lead

The bullies they encounter began in elementary faculty. DahNiel-Jae reminded her of bullying for a variety of causes, together with her love for performing arts. She spent years masking the emotional pain she felt teased, laughed, and remoted with solely her massive grandmother as her confidant and the primary inventive pursuits. But the years of psychological nervousness stopped when his number one supporters went away and DahNiel-Jae was pressured to turn out to be his personal hero.

  • Tell me what happened to you when he died.

was [the] on the end of highschool, where… Okay, that we get a personal… That was the top of highschool the place I misplaced my grandmother. He was a power tower although he had one foot. He was all for me. And I promised her I was going to move all my CSEC subjects and received a massive house. It had a house theater, and we're going to enjoy the exhibits. Her favourite film was Sound of Music. I was like,

”You get the perfect Jamaican-looking Julie Andrews for you and we'll do“ Sound of Music ”.

And he left. And I was like, no. I actually needed to do this for him, but I realized if I was happening the path the place I was so afraid of every thing and everyone and what everybody stated, I couldn't even do it myself. I was like,

”Nah. He wouldn't have needed to take a seat right here and close it. Might I flip a number of the magnificence into this power.

And so I was, I don't need to sit and cry anymore as a result of I was picked or because somebody didn't understand who I was. I went to see the mirror and say,

”I perceive you and I like you. You're superb. Be what you need to be ”

So I look in the mirror and I was like (my reflection),

” I also like you. You're a very nice individual.

  • Did you have a legal discussion with yourself

I had literally talked to myself. I assume we have to cease typically and we have to speak to ourselves. Shut the world. Speak to your self. Take a look at your self in the mirror and be like I like you. You’re a tremendous individual. And you’re in search of good ”. Does Yu mean? Speak to yourself

  • I agree with you! After which, "one-to-one", what happened?

So, in a one-to-one dialog, this man in the mirror stated to me, "Go write". I sat. Printer. I give up. I sat. I wrote until I realized that I might do this. I can do that! Why have been I so afraid? I started writing. I wrote the printer and the printer. Repin. I wrote and I was like "Eh, not nice". Tear it up. I continued writing. I wrote the printer and the printer. Until the top of those three days, I was like "aha perfection!". I wrote my first recreation because I determined it was time for me to stop moping and stop closing and cease terrified of all the things.

  • What is your first recreation?

It's referred to as “Lala Bella Steps to Spell”… it speaks of this little younger woman named Lala Bella. I created the identify "Lala Bella" to mean, "Lala" and sing "Bella" as lovely, so she was a lovely singer. And he was the one who was afraid of the whole lot and he stayed behind and stayed within the corners and tried. He tried onerous to impress his family, and he by no means labored. He struggled to make the impression of these around him and they shouted at him. Till he stated,

”I need to impress you. I have all the things spectacular really, and when I impress myself, everyone else gets in place and if they're not too dangerous because I love me ”.

And he took this motivation and he just went with it. Mark you, he's not the brightest of the individuals, but he got here to the spell as a result of he stated,

”Though I wouldn't win, the very fact is that I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it , I can study, I can attempt my greatest ”

He did it and he … nicely I imply, win, however on the finish of the day he tried. And that is what I need individuals to get from my performances. I don't need you to assume it's going to be a Disney movie where the princess all the time finally ends up (up) with the prince. It's not life, it's not all the time a rising dose. Typically dangerous issues occur, however at the end of the day, be it that you simply study the lesson…

  • Wow! It's a highly effective DahNiel-Jae. Tell us extra about your performances.

So I love music. I love drama and… I like dancing, I can't do it so properly, but I love singing what's accomplished. So if I discover a approach to tie all these collectively, I assume we have a very good present! And that is what I have carried out. I wouldn't say they have been musical … Perhaps pantomime, as a result of you realize there are just one or two, some of which are unique. However we haven't reached the stage of full music but. Nevertheless, we see that they include music and dance. And we attempt to assume outdoors the field. We don't need you to see and hear and be like, "Ah, oh." I keep in mind one in every of my performances, we had … I assume there was cooking backstage and we solely had the scent of the scent of the audience. So the audience felt part of the present. They smelled, they saw, they heard. They only came with one present. So, yes, we present that they include all the senses. However yes, we do music and drama.

  • I know your company Kreative HeARTS Leisure began as a theater group, now inform me what you do?

We made two exhibitions for "Kreative HeARTS" and then another pal requested: "Why don't you keep your brand so far?" We started to like charity and dimension. So our play, revenue, began to return to charity… We made youngsters's houses. We helped the Good Deeds Basis together with their back-to-school experiences. So, we did that and then we had a group of performing arts. We do mentoring and homework (assist) and then finance these initiatives. Then we stated, “Okay. These can be the three elements of "Kreative HeARTS Movement". So it stayed in 'KH3'.

  • There are various individuals who place a mark on artistic individuals to say they are "weird". And when I say "weird", some individuals consider that artistic individuals fit into a little bit of sexuality. Are you marked as such?

I have a very weird and strange and irregular. I referred to as it my entire life and I like it. I assume it's just… I assume they are very lovely stickers. I imply, who needs to ask … I mean, I'm pretty eccentric younger man. I imply clearly (gesticulates). So we routinely connect labels to issues we don't perceive, issues that don't seem normal to us. For these issues that we aren’t… That our minds can’t experience. It is a stereotype of the individuals in the artistic world that we are living with, and all of us came across at the similar time because there isn’t any bandwidth. However actually and really it is … I assume it's 2019. I assume it's time that we, we know, we depart those stickers and the concept: "Oh you are weird, so I'm just going to call you what I want I think it's time to stop it.

I use braids because I like long hair. clothes, because I'm working. I want to show it off, so it does not have anything to do with sexuality, and sexuality has nothing to do with anyone else. and it's really just how I see life.

  • as a creative professional, you get Mostly good [reactions]? Or mostly bad?

I think I'd be a bit biased answer and I'd say mostly good because I'd go through Half Way Tree and I'd be walking, blinking my hair and about ten people would look and I would see three of them smiling. And I see five of them just watching and wondering what's going on. And I could see the rest, I don't know math, I see the rest of them stay. And I think that if you are surprised, that means I was paying attention. One of three seconds saw me walking, I noticed. It's good! For those who smiled, I got my attention and liked what you saw. That's better. For those people who saw me and did not understand what happened, I had my own attention and it made you think. It's up to… It's the best!

  • What is the recommendation for a young man who has not recognized his purpose in his life and may have experienced some bullying as a child?

It's hard to answer this because there was really nobody could tell me what you know… Help me at this point. There was no one who could say to keep his chin up and…

I don't even think it would be … I don't think it would be a normal thing for a young man to go to school for chicks. You don't get up and say, "Oh mom, this man threw me in the present day." Oh no one. No no. You know? So I tried very hard to live according to social status and I was like, "But I'm a man. Don’t cry, don’t show the vulnerability, don’t show ache, do not show weak spot. And I was like "Ugh, it's too much".

And it was at that point … And my massive grandmother died. Earlier than he did, he informed me that if individuals didn't like you, life would go. Individuals do not like the fashion of every designer. However a few of those that have not favored are actually the perfect recognized and costliest. So somebody doesn't like you? Properly, they only obtained out of one thing really, really fantastic. Do you mean it? … It's all a course of. You carry your head, start strolling. So when your head is raised, you just maintain strolling. So for a young man who has been bullied and goes via a lot… Bro, you have this.

Thanks for DahNiel-Jae and thank you for sharing your story!

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