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Max Goldberg: My dialogue at present is Liana Werner Gray, a well known figure within the health and well-being world. Liana has written two of the most effective selling books on Amazon The Earth Food plan and a 10-minute recipe. While many individuals are accustomed to Liana's online presence, I can guarantee folks that they may know her in a a lot deeper method.

As Liana reveals very personal info she has never spoken before. This discussion was recorded earlier than his latest guide, which revealed another best-selling cancer, which is now out there for meals and is now out there for purchase, and is a wonderful and essential work

. conversation with Liana Werner-Grey and whenever you quickly see she is a really robust individual with superb life.

Max Goldberg: Liana, thank you very a lot for being here at this time.

Liana Werner-Gray: Thank you for taking me, Max.

MG: We've been talking about this for some time, and eventually it happened. So, Liana, lots of people know you and see you on the social media aspect, but I don’t assume many people really know the actual story, so I'm excited to dig it right now. Might you speak about how this health trip started in Australia?

LWG: I was born and raised in Australia, and grew up principally in Alice Springs, which is true in the midst of Australia. At college, half of the varsity's youngsters have been aborigines and half have been white. So I had a very native, wealthy schooling. I've discovered loads of indigenous individuals, and I feel I obtained them principally indigenous spirit and the spirit of Charles Darwin's simply that whatever happens in life, you recognize that you’ll proceed to the family. On the age of 5, we have been taught the way to survive – how to deal with nature, the best way to gather water and food from the timber. So it was installed in my mind at a very young age after which once I was 17, something very traumatic occurred.

MG: Before you get to what you study growing with all aborigines

LWG: Nicely, my grandfather died of most cancers once I was twelve, and once I noticed Aborigines – who are very low fats, very wholesome and very fit – I knew Immediately because of their eating regimen and being very close to nature, they have been a lot healthier than my grandfather or individuals who eat processed foods and junk meals. My grandfather was the one who introduced me to McDonald's, popcorn, ice cream and all types of loopy food.

MG: You knew it at what age?

LWG: It clicked at a really younger age, however for twelve years when my grandfather died, once I was like "wow, you have to eat food directly from nature. MG: And it was very noticeable what the Aboriginal people were eating compared to what you had eaten?

MG: It's amazing at a very young age that you could put two and two together with the effect of diet and diet, but is this your grandfather in you?

LWG: Well, I looked at how he eats. how they lived and I put two and two together.

MG: It's pretty amazing at a young age so you could do it. Okay, so you've grown up and then what happened. You had a traumatic event

LWG: Yes, 17, and I've never shared this publicly before. No one has asked about it, but this is what I really started my whole journey to help people.

I got my one-day sister saying that my mother is in a hospital with a life support machine. She is coma and may not survive. It was a very, very shocking text, so I called my sister and showed that my mother was in the hospital because she took a lot of medicines and tried overdose. She didn't want to be here and tried to take her life.

This was a shock to me at the age of 17, and my sister is younger than me. Also shock them. But none of us even knew what depression was or could understand that someone would want to take their own lives, especially our own mother. We just had no idea he was so unhappy. We knew he went through the stuff, had problems and always fought in life. When you are a child, you never think of suicide unless it happens in your family.

So the doctors were able to pump their belly and bring him out. And he was very angry and shocked that he was still alive. He was like, "I didn't need to be here, so you need to let me go."

I just remember thinking like "who, OK." It just shook the world completely. I remember thinking "what on earth is melancholy and why would somebody need to take their life?" Because I was so excited about life and life, I just couldn't understand it at such a young age.

I thought the brain I want to go to help as many people as possible with depression and who want to commit suicide. I want to try to understand what it is, even though I don't even know what it looks like. I just want to help people.

MG: When this happened to your mother and she was angry that she was still alive when they saved her, did you ever think, "Why does my mom need me to go away?"

LWG: Yeah, I do. And why would he want to leave me and my sister?

MG: How did you handle it?

LWG: You know, it certainly seemed bad. It changed my life from that day on. I went through different feelings, and this is when I started to eat. Emotions suffer me, like anxiety, and all these feelings that I just didn't know what they were. I had never known them before. I can only understand that this feels really bad. So, in order to avoid that bad feeling, I went out and bought candy, lollies, chocolate, junk food, processed food. I ate it and got it high, and felt some relief for a few minutes. Were you a healthy diner before that?

LWG: Yes, very healthy.

MG: This case happened to your mother and then suddenly you started eating differently. How did it affect you on the physical level?

LWG: Well, I knew it was wrong, and I felt guilty because I knew that this food was so far from nature and what I knew was healthy. I knew it would not help me to achieve a healthy mind-body spirit. So I felt really bad. But I feel like I felt like I couldn't stop it and it was very impulsive. It was like "oh no, here's a nasty feeling once more, I’ve to go eat a chocolate cake or cookies or I have to go to McDonald's." It was very impulsive and happened very quickly. It is very similar to a drug addict or alcoholic – it is a very impulsive feeling. Give me a quick fix because I don't want to feel these bad feelings and feelings. So, I did this for five years – eating – and I ate so much food until I felt really sick and I couldn't press it anymore. Sometimes it got to the point where the digestive system stopped working, and I had to take a lot of laxatives. The more I ate, the more laxatives I took. It completely destroyed the digestive tract.

And after five years of eating, I got to the hospital.

MG: How did you come to the hospital?

LWG: I was gone for one day and something just popped around my neck. I thought "feeling actually dangerous and actually painful" and I thought it was swollen peace. So I went home and started drinking lemon water with some garlic, eating garlic and enjoying ginger. I knew about natural healing, but it became bigger and bigger and hotter and hotter in the coming weeks.

So I went to a natural doctor and he sent me to the hospital. He said, "You must go get it out." So I had a biopsy in a hospital that was also traumatic. He had two big, fat needles on my neck and I pulled the piece out. They sent it off and it was a 3.7 centimeter mass tumor in my lymphatic system

MG: Wow.

LWG: And at a very early stage of cancer.

MG: This was 22?

LWG: I was 21.

MG: And Did you know that this was due to your eating and lifestyle?

LWG: Yeah, I knew right away. I was eating bad food and I was so unhealthy, and it was the accumulation of eating all the food, all the trauma and I was very upset about my mother's situation.

MG: And what happened to the tumor? ] LWG: I looked at my options and I could see what would happen if I did the surgery. People cut off your body all day to make money. So, I didn't say anything about this because I knew this was my chance to really heal once. And this was the first time I just gave up on the universe, and I was just like I had to do something different. I needed something bigger than me to pull me out of this. Then the biggest day of my life happened when I had this very idea of ​​a lamp. Thank you, Universe! Thank God!

I was like "OK, here's what you’re doing. You solely intend to eat meals that come immediately from the country for 365 days and make a blog. all but natural, wholesome methods.I used to be so excited to attempt it, so this is what i did. 19659002] MG: After three months it was utterly dissolved and the docs stated it wouldn't do it. I feel they might see that I was like I'm good, they tried to sell me for cervical most cancers vaccination outward than I was..: "You are crazy, goodbye." I didn't inform many individuals as a result of I didn't want a lot of people to attempt me. I just knew that this was something I had to do – to enhance and eat the best meals.

MG: Yeah, you will have this tumor. You stated: "I got food from the country for 365 days and started a blog called The Earth Diet." In the event you have been afraid that this tumor was really nice and perhaps in the long term, your eating regimen works however you were not positive how briskly it really works? And it is a real danger. Did it undergo your mind?

LWG: Not likely, no. I only had so much religion that it might work. Because I knew I was heading in the right direction, I knew that consuming the proper food, juicing, and all this vitamin was complemented by my body and restoring all of the vitamin I had lost myself. I knew what happened, I used to be on a superb street and in a great place. I didn't understand how lengthy it will take, but I actually give it some thought. Three months. I’m glad that it took only three months.

MG: Did you are feeling higher whenever you modified your food plan?

LWG: Immediately. As quickly as I had a change in my thoughts and I was like "Oh, I will do this now." Yup. I felt an entire new individual.

MG: You realize you're very robust emotionally. You had these events in your life together with your mom, and you stated, "No, I'm going to go in a certain direction," even for those who have been subjugated. And then once you get sick personally, you stated, "No, I'm going to go in this direction and this will improve me." You’ve gotten an unimaginable conviction. You really take heed to intuition.

LWG: Sure.

MG: And not everyone can do it.

LWG: Properly, I feel it is in apply that we all should do more – depend on instinct and take heed to instinct because it's proper.

MG: How did you hear about yourself – the place did it come from and the way did it develop?

LWG: I feel it got here from a spot where I grew up in Outback and had a very natural, primary schooling. We didn't even have McDonald's earlier than I used to be twelve years previous. It was only a very quiet metropolis and we didn't have all this crazy internet and all this 5G stuff that happened in New York, the place you and I both reside. So I felt much easier. There was a lot much less noise, so I all the time had a robust spirit, robust intuition. And I solely had the religion that we do in life, we’ve got to rise up and proceed. And there are days once I don't really feel I might do it, but I do the other. Rise up, continue and do what I know to be a process. As I do know, I’ve to eat good meals, I want juice. I have to worry about some work, although I might feel quite terrible. So, what happens to us, we simply need to proceed.

MG: It's a tremendous talent. It's really a present that everybody doesn't have. It is lovely. And that intuition is what you got into america? Is this proper?

LWG: So once I began the weblog and when the tumor was gone, I used to be like "You know, I have to go to the United States and help people there because I know there are lots of people with cancer, obesity, eating disorders and junk food." And I was like " That's where I go. "

So I escaped my bag and went to LA.I had $ 200 dollars. I didn't know anyone however I simply knew it might work and meet the correct individuals.

MG: Was there something ? Was there a special event in LA once you have been there? Perhaps it was a day or every week or a month, which was a very necessary moment to vary the time in america? : You already know, it was just a collection of events and meeting individuals, and I just beloved it.

MG: And then you definitely went from LA to New York

LWG: Sure, I discovered myself in New York and ha I lived in New York greater than LA And here we’re 9 years later

So the Earth Weight loss plan was first released after which it bought nicely, so Hay House accepted it. I have revealed, and now I have a couple of books with them. The third guide with them is known as cancer-free with meals. And I really hope that every individual or cancer suffering from cancer will endure – and have no idea what to eat, methods to eat or do not know the way to overcome their dependence on dangerous foods, as a result of so many people depend upon dangerous food – that they all hear about this e-book, get it in their arms and may feel aid.
MG: You’re employed with many people who are now one after the other. What are the actual errors individuals make of their health?

LWG: Two details. One eats food and one other eats too much food. We’re properly programmed to eat so much food, it's an excessive amount of. It's too much in our minds, feelings, and digestive tract.

MG: You could have this e-book coming to cancer and healing via meals. However some individuals might not consider you might have whenever you had a tumor, and they might say, "Yes, I will eat better, but I will do other treatments. What would you say to someone like that? should be used in their intuition if they feel that chemo is working for them and eating healthy.

I told him, "What do you need to do?" What do you think you are going to work to improve? “And he said,“ You know what. I don't want to do chemo and radiation. I don't think I could handle it. But I want to do surgery, remove both sides and then eat healthy and change my diet and all kinds of stuff. I feel it works. “That's what he did. He did surgery, began to juice, quit smoking, drink less alcohol and eat well. She is breast cancer free to this day, but doctors hounded her chemo and radiation. They like it coming back if you don't. It will come back in six months. “They were really afraid of him, and he just said I just can't go through. And he wasn't. So he also trusted his intuition.

MG: Amazing. What are Personal Keys to Health? These are the habits, rituals, things that really keep you in good health? And what could you share with people they might not know right now?

LWG: Well, two main things. One is every day I consume chlorophyll. Every day for the past nine years and I usually have one fresh juice every day. So I'll do it myself or go to Westerly Market or Juice Pres and get a green juice with lots of vegetables and loading chlorophyll. I just love behind chlorophyll and how it goes into our cells and basically pushes away extra fat cells, toxins and heavy metals – pushes them completely out of our cells and rebuilds our cells and rebuilds our bodies. Chlorophyll and green juice give us a new opportunity to get a new body and health. It's amazing.

In the days I have no juice, I make a green powder in water. Every day I don't lose chlorophyll. So it's one and then another chocolate.

So I eat chocolate or cocoa powder every day. And some people may not like chocolate, but any dessert or any sweet thing is that you want the most, I'd say you want to look at it. So it is an upgrade or a healthier alternative. It can be cookies. It could be rubbery bears, chocolate, cheesecake. Regardless of how it is, find a way to eat it, but in a much healthier way that gives you nutrition. But I just love chocolate so much. My mother said it was one of the first words I said, even though I couldn't say it right. But cocoa powder has so many studies of how it really helps our gut and mind – to help with depression and anxiety. And so little chocolate every day is a good balance for me.

MG: Yes, it's chlorophyll and chocolate.

LWG: Yeah. Awesome.

MG: So I want to pack it into two questions, Liana. One – What advice do you give to a 20-year-old yourself?

LWG: I would have taught myself about the planet's diet and how to eat natural foods, eat directly from the ground. And that is what I do now when I go to school and teach children because I want them to know what I wanted to know – about how the native lifestyle goes to the backyard or bush and eats only food directly from the trees or shrub. But I didn't know how to integrate it with the modern world. I didn't know how to eat, but I also enjoy things like hamburgers, potatoes, cupcakes, chips and a cookie. So I would have taught myself. You can have chocolate, cookies and rubbery bears throughout your life, and health is possible. I thought that health was not achievable and not only achievable. I thought you had to starve yourself, and the health was painful.

MG: But you said that only a few years later.

LWG: I found it after a year.

MG: But if you had told yourself at the age of 20

LWG: Yeah, yeah. I hope I learned that when I was a child, I love children to learn this stuff. Now you know, because then they have this information forever and then hopefully they don't have to hit a more expensive place. The lamp goes out with them as you teach these children, such as "The Earth's food regimen is meals from the earth and they also say it is sensible." Children get it. Children get it. They get it right away. They resonate. They are like "Okay." And you know they know it's bad. I tell them that I ate this for five years and what did I think happened to me?

And they all put their hands up and they all have great guesses about what happened. And what are you doing? You take the chips of the bag and have ingredients that are not from the ground and show them the ingredients. You could say that potato chips are wild potatoes from the ground.

MG: Is that what you do?

LWG: Exactly and I see them. Well, look at other ingredients that are really toxic and chemicals. And do you know what the yellow 5 is? Where can you go out to the backyard and get a yellow 5? And you know they'll get it too. They consider "OK ​​created in the laboratory compared to nature"

MG: Implausible. OK, one other query – what does it mean to you to stay properly?

LWG: It is good for me to reside properly that every single day I have this mental angle you realize what, you just need to get up and give life the most effective shot. Whatever occurs, you only know to proceed. Life shouldn’t be all the time straightforward every single day. I imply, it may be very difficult, and so many obstacles come out, so many fires come out. So, for my part, it’s the mental angle that lives nicely. No matter what happens to me – regardless of where I’m – if I’ve this psychological angle, I'm good. And solely when you realize that this equilibrium takes place daily, so we all attempt to turn into what we would like, however to be current and being here now and simply enjoy the reality, the place I’m on the similar time, when I try to the place I need to be, and simply be glad and gratitude for the very fact and humility and full information of – not all the time really feel that I am chasing one thing – it means, that I stay properly. Do not get caught up within the rat race and assume that at some point my life is sweet and typically will probably be higher, but simply to take pleasure in it, the place I am proper now, although I'm still working on the challenges or issues yet to improve.

MG: It's an exquisite reply. Your story is extremely inspiring, and it’s what I have actually taken, is the one power that you’ve – that you simply've been by way of rather a lot. And it's simply your tenacity and the way you speak to your self each day to get the most effective of the day and simply want and your power to remain and proceed. It is rather inspiring

. I don't assume many people know your story about what happened to your mom and what happened to your tumor. And because I feel individuals see you through social media, I don't assume they really know the story of what occurred to you up to now. And it's very inspiring what you've gone by way of and what you do day by day and train your youngsters and inspire others. So I’m very grateful to all of you and what you do.

LWG: Thanks very a lot, Max

MG: Liana. Earlier than we go, the place can individuals find you on the Internet? – individuals who do not already comply with you through social media

LWG: I'm Instagram, Fb, Twitter – all good issues. You possibly can only Google – Liana Werner-Gray or The Earth Food plan. All my channels are popping out. We want to mix.

MG: Implausible. It has been a pleasure to speak to you right now and thanks so much for sharing your story. And we will certainly look when the guide comes out.

LWG: Awesome. Many thanks.