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"I have to pull dancers to a place of darkness"

Matthew Bourne and dancers Seren Williams Cordelia Braithwaite and Andrew Monaghan practice Romeo and Juliet (photo: Johan Persson)

Two households, each equally priceless, in truthful… West Ham… The place we set the scene.

Three Mills studios in japanese London and young dancers in socks and T-shirts and sportswear are spinning and leaping and jumping and leaping on the floor. The room is usually bare – however for all the our bodies – and behind the 2 doorways are marked "girls" and "boys".

"People Expect Me to Do Something Different"

This is Verona Institute, the place teenagers are locked in Matthew Bourne's new Romeo and Julian production. Once I visit, there are weeks earlier than the world premiere of the exhibition at Leicester's Curve Theater (which is tonight) and dishonest, terrible piano and flute music is performed by Bourne by learning the room, diving to modify the limbs or by shifting the pair sideways. falls eight occasions on a regular basis. This is an early group event: women and boys can gently socialize, however Juliet has not yet arrived.

Matthew Bourne and dancers Seren Williams Cordelia Braithwaite and Andrew Monaghan follow Rome and Juliet (Photograph: Johan Persson)

The new Bourne exhibition is a major event: his firm, New Adventures, has been liked and adorned with the redesign of classics of opera, fairy tale, movie and dance. His wild all-male Swan Lake will change 25 years subsequent yr; my favorite show is Edward Scissorhands since 2005, with its pulsating crack and pirouetting protections. Although the ballet of pals of the Prokofiev stars was first introduced in Brno in 1938 and has been fascinated since then, it has been missing out on Bourne's software. “I wouldn't have prevented it. It's oversized, he says. "Now people expect me to do something different."

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Prokofiev's score remains, however Bourne's twist to Shakespeare's tragedy is a little dystopia. “It is a bit in the future, a place where young people are held against will. We're not quite sure why they're there – you don't have to know. It may be mental health or too much individuality, it may be that we are talking about a knife crime or arms control in America, they may be trying out… Was they sent there normal? Traditional…? “Bourne says that before the curtain is raised, there is a“ randomness ”- he is still changing things continuously and tearing the plan when he goes. "You think I know, but it develops for me as much as anyone else."

  Paris Fitzpatrick and Cordelia Braithwaite are practicing Matthew Bourne Romeo and Juliet (Photo: Johan Persson) Paris Fitzpatrick and Cordelia Braithwaite are engaged by Matthew Bourne Romeo and Juliet (Photograph: Johan Persson)

She has left the extended family of Capulet and "President" Montague has some unusual inspiration. "Romeo's parents are based on Kevin Space and Robin Wright in the card house." Romeo himself came from Barron Trump, Donald Trump's 13-year-old son. Bourne laughs: "This boy is in an exceptional situation that is tired of everything and they want to catch him."

Within the train, things are professional, although not strict, as Bourne Art Director Etta Murfitt leads the session. “He gives me the opportunity to sit and watch so I can get ideas”. Has he enjoyed this stage? "Take pleasure in it? I don't adore it. I don't love to do a new job actually, it's irritating. I really like to return songs because every part already exists – I can do a job that I really take pleasure in, storytelling, fine-tuning and element. It's really onerous and type of irritating. ”

Seren Williams and Andrew Monaghan are training Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Juliet (Photograph: Johan Persson)

One of the new issues is how it has modified the notion and recognition of dance: not simply the ballet's unique status for modern theater performances , however combines the classical movement with imaginative and topical themes, but because of their availability. Bourne's exhibitions circulate across the country, open the ballet even to those that won’t get to the capital.

“I know there are supposedly more famous dancers in the Royal Opera House but only seen in London and very small People's public ”

“ Some of my leadership are the most prominent dancers in the country, ”he says. “I do know there are in all probability extra well-known dancers in the Royal Opera House, however they have only seen in London and a very small audience. They’re liked by citizens everywhere in the country who see them totally different every year.

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rare to see a great production on the tour and that it doesn't appear to downgrade. He agrees. “We are proud to give everyone the same presentation.” Additionally it is essential to diversify and diversify artwork. “There are a lot of people who are afraid of dancing, afraid to say“ I didn't enjoy it ”if it had to be basic. But everybody should feel in a position to say how they feel.

  Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Julian Exercises (Photo: Johan Persson) Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Julian Workouts (Photograph: Johan Persson)

After three many years, Bourne's followers belief him and anticipate surprises he says is unimaginable duty. But in the midst of the threads, one can recognize myths and parts, such nearly as good and evil, within the "part that has no words".

”I really like this ebook referred to as the Seven Primary Patches [by Christopher Booker]. It tells solely seven stories – tragedies, riches for riches – you'll all the time see it in my work, he says. “When the audience comes to Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, they already know the story. An actual kiss of love, dropping a shoe – we don't have to clarify it. In Romeo and Juliet, you’re in search of pals. "But the red shoes of 2016:" We thought we should always do a lot of training, that it was a story they wouldn't have recognized, however our audience now discover a movie, says Hans Christian Andersen – they’re aware before they come. "

" It's about developing new talents, and 100 dancers debuting this year with the company "

Recycled productions also inspire young dancers throughout the country – and" youth "was the impetus for this Romeo and Julia. “It’s concerning the love of young individuals – the creation of younger individuals by young individuals. In all our departments we have younger companions working with us, comparable to our choreographer Arielle [Smith, who is 22 and offers notes  to Bourne throughout the session]. It's about creating new skills, and 100 dancers debuted this yr with the company.

  Seren Williams and Andrew Monaghan practice Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Juliet (Photo: Johan Persson) Seren Williams and Andrew Monaghan are working towards Matthew Bourne's Romeo and Juliet (Photograph: Johan Persson)

In each city visited, local dancers come along. "We give opportunities to people everywhere and give younger companies greater roles." As an alternative of dancers enjoying a number of elements of the show in the standard method, two utterly separate shapes are tandem workouts.

I converse Romeo, Andrew Monaghan (28) and Juliet, Cordelia Braithwaite (25). Compared to the remaining of the 16-22 year-olds, they are very experienced and have been involved in six years: each Swan Lake was the first New Adventures exhibition they noticed as youngsters and joined its 2013/14 tour. Monaghan says it is half of the brand new Bourne Ballet, "a massive career highlight."

”My Juliet has been via trauma. I don't need her to be weak ”

Throughout her time at the theater, the choreographer all the time asks her liar to write about their life historical past to make sure that everyone has a" perfect personality, history and life ". Braithwaite's Robust Juliet: “She's been by means of trauma. I don't want her to be weak, like ladies with tons of fairy tales. "Monaghan's Romeo is" sexually oppressed, emotionally underdeveloped. "

They found that they obtained elements about 18 months ago from their" Matt debate "- one of people who Bourne has with every business member to talk about their progress. “I hear these words,“ I would like to create you Julia… ”” Braithwaite strangles. "He's amazing in nurturing a new talent," says Monaghan. “He doesn't assume you have to be a sure age to do the job. When you have a spark, it happens. "

  Paris Fitzpatrick and Cordelia Braithwaite practice Matthew Bourne Romeo and Juliet (Photo: Johan Persson) Paris Fitzpatrick and Cordelia Braithwaite are training Matthew Bourne Romeo and Julia (Photograph: Johan Persson)

“ I want to work with young people, mostly it feels like I'm younger, ”Bourne says. "I have a lot of respect for young dancers – they are professionals from a young age and have no long career." They work with bodily work for lengthy hours (Braithwaite is "so bruised that it is incredible", Monaghan does "the movement I have never done before – big meat products to the ground") – ballet requires discipline that isn’t wanted for their peers to research or their first jobs. But these dancers radiate and snigger and luxuriate in themselves – regardless of their bitter competition (or threatening dying) of their characters. "Oh, I know," Bourne likes. "I feel like I ought to typically pull them into a dark spot.

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She would really like the exhibition to be" much darker ". "I have a lot of feelings and then they get a lot of humor in them." It isn’t very darkish inside him, "but if you want some redemption, they have to be dark to fight."

Forbidden love, deception, loyalty, violence and destiny: Romeo and Julia have some of the darkest conflicts, making it good for Bourne to whom, in any artwork, "You don't want to come out and say," It was nice. "You want to feel your feeling about it."

"Romeo and Juliet" on the eve of tonight at Curve Theater, Leicester and excursions on October 12