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10 strange claims that people did not come from the earth

10 strange claims that people did not come from the earth

Of the crazy and speculative theories on the market (and there are lots of everyone knows), those that circumvent the concept that people are not indigenous to the earth could also be the craziest. The thought is that we, or moderately our ancestors, have been discovered here from one other world, almost certainly as prisoners, sentenced to life on a planet distant from another ancestral law-abiding society in some area. (It might be value noting that some theories seek advice from our unique "cosmic ancestors" raised with and thus produced by Neanderthals.)

One among the loudest voices in these overseas claims is Dr. Ellis Silver, who claims to be too many variations between humans and all different types of life on the planet to be really indigenous. While most, as you may anticipate, dismiss his claims as nonsense, they’re however fascinating and positively deserve a bit more detail. Ellis calls his concept "prison planet theory".

10 So, what’s the prison planet principle?

As the identify suggests, jail planet concept and the like speculate that humans are not the product of evolution alone. It is very important make clear right here that these theories do not suggest that evolution does not exist or that it is mistaken, but that sooner or later in the collective past we now have been subjected to some form of exterior manipulation. Actually, jail planet concept implies that we are, in reality, descendants of prisoners brought right here in historic occasions, spreading, propagating, and, as our history proves, the intention to rule the planet, in all probability quickly after arrival.

Although most people reject this idea, as speculative as it is, without further investigation, fascinating arguments may be made about its significance. In any case, people are much more superior than another dwelling thing on the planet for all their obvious mistakes and errors. Why, for instance, do other animals not invent, philosophize, manage politically, or seek to construct machines to explore the world and, in truth, the stars? By the approach, it might seem that solely humans have this type of fascination with stars and what may be situated in area. Maybe this is a sign of subconscious calling?

9 Individuals with Continuing Continual Illness

Jail planet concept suggests that most people, even us very healthy, endure from persistent "illnesses," though trivially remoted. [2] Give it some thought – when was the final time you felt really "good"? No small niggers or jerks. No headaches or hay fever or any sort of minor harassment that is hardly vital enough to mention but seemingly hurts each of us.

Perhaps we also needs to take a look at people's reaction to the sun, one in every of the most essential keys to our existence. Many different animals can sit in the sun all through the day, with out affecting their well being (usually). Nevertheless, people return to the sun inside hours, while prolonged publicity can typically lead to quite a lot of pores and skin cancers. We also wrinkle our eyes in response to the solar, in contrast to other animals. Even the reality that we solely have a small sound frequency band and that we will solely see a really small quantity of electromagnetic spectrum might be indicative of a home planet aside from Earth.

8 Persistent Again Ache

Perhaps the "laugh" that impacts most people is again pain. [3] Most of us have suffered a "bad back" sooner or later in our lives. And for many people, this pain is a constant activate, "good days / bad days," which counteracts growing pains, cramps, and at worst, full locking of this space of ​​the body, which is so essential

So why is that this? Properly, in response to those who consider in jail planetary concept, it is due to the lower gravity of our "real" house planet. This is greater than what we’ve got planned – when it comes to gravity of the earth (contemplating the relative peak of the people), which causes so much pressure on the again of so many people. Researchers like Ellis Silver, as trivial as this one, consider this to be considered one of the most necessary indicators that the Earth is not our natural residence. He argues, for instance, that our flat ft ought to recommend a much shorter look (comparatively) than the average individual. For sure, most of his entertainment is not fulfilling.

7 people are literally better fitted to a 25-hour day

As the sleep specialists research confirms, the human body clock is far more synchronized. A 25-hour day as an alternative of a 24-hour day that our body has to work. Fairly numerous sleep issues are blamed for this. There might be many causes for inequality, including the reality that the Earth's natural rotation velocity has been decreased by a really small proportion over the collective time of humanity on the planet.

Nevertheless, some researchers recommend that the "real" residence planet could be very much. was a rotation time of 25 hours, and the reality that my pure physique clock continues to be set right here suggests that we’ve got come from elsewhere in the solar system or even the universe. We take a look at potential gadgets from our potential cosmic ancestors at the last entry in our record. Nevertheless, our next article seems at the proliferation of life-critical exercise – of any life the place it’s – as well as why humans have this natural and required perform perhaps considered one of the most troublesome questions their bodies have ever been asked

] Considered one of the highlights of Ellis Silver (but in addition of different researchers) is the really traumatic experience of giving start to ladies. [5] He argues that that is not repeated anyplace else in the animal kingdom, where births are often routine, difficult, and straightforward to phrase (even to the extent that this can be a bit simplified.

Though giving delivery, no less than to ladies in advanced elements of the world those with trendy hospitals and drugs are not often life-threatening experiences, even to this present day, there are nonetheless a variety of problems, and sad ladies still lose their lives. , this appears to be something utterly unique to humans, and as will probably be discussed under, not only childbirth, however the first few years of human improvement, look like unique, albeit for the incorrect causes.


Childbirth is not the solely focal point in prison planet principle. Even the improvement or lack of human offspring is strange to some. [6] For example, many young people of the animal kingdom can stroll for a number of days, if not less. Human infants, on the other hand, are utterly helpless and remain so for years.

Some researchers on the work of people like Silver recommend that human pregnancy ought to be much longer. It’s an fascinating concept, although troublesome to show at any degree beyond speculation. And even then, such speculation pushes the boundaries of widespread sense, at the very least for some. Nevertheless, some people, particularly those associated with historic astronaut principle, say that this "abnormality" throughout human pregnancy is right down to some "interference" with the human genome in the long distant previous that has led to this "premature" delivery of younger people. . And human genes are the topic of our subsequent release. A research in four Additional DNA in Human Beings

concluded that people carry a further 223 genes, which are acquired during our evolution from micro organism. What if they are not from bacteria? Might these genes be the explanation for the absolute development of humans in comparison with all different dwelling beings? What about non-coding DNA, which is spoken via languages ​​as "spam"? Might it’s the DNA of the alien world and alien ancestors? That is definitely a wild concept.

It must be noted that the discovery of 223 further genes was not absolutely accepted and publicly challenged by different researchers. [7] The question is whether their challenge is justified or whether it’s another mainstream educational group that needs to silence voices towards accepted considering.

three Basic Nervousness

although it’s troublesome to see how utterly "accurate". the report of such an argument is stored and analyzed, another obvious consequence of our alleged cosmic premise is the constant feeling of hysteria in all of humanity. [8] Despite the fact that you can make a reasonably strong statement that different people – especially those in energy – give us all a substantial amount of concern with out having to deliver strangers into the equation, it is definitely fascinating hypothesis.

There are additionally growing numbers of melancholy and suicide charges (an virtually distinctive act in itself for humans) that have conquered many elements of the world. There are once more many depressing and bonafide causes, comparable to growing poverty and work strain (and their implicit poverty menace), as well as oblique elements resembling political and social divisions that make many people feel utterly helpless. , in a hopeless state of affairs the place they haven’t any control. For some people, this leads to feelings of disconnection and "inactivity."

Might it’s the subconscious yearning for a "home" for a lot of mild years and existence simply as distant, at the least figuratively? Unlikely as it might be, it's an fascinating concept.

2 How doubtless is it? Just take a look at our personal examples!

So by briefly removing the logistics of such an operation, [9] how probably is it that a overseas operation to expel the undesirable to the ground will go forward? Nicely, if we assume that the space-dying extraterrestrial race has the capacity to visit other planets, both in their own photo voltaic system or elsewhere, then why don't they switch unsatisfactory parts of their society to the distant world?

we take a look at quite a few examples all through history through which we have now ourselves deported prisoners to remote places, typically literally across the world (assume Australia), or to gulags in the most miserable and uninhabited terrain, as happened often in the Soviet Union. . And while it's a bit totally different in that it's only a small island in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz was for all intents and purposes a prison island.

1 Asteroid Belt Connection

An outbreak of prison planet principle. revolves around all of the above factors; the solely distinction is that our theoretical ancestors have been not prisoners, but cosmic refugees who fled the destroyed planet. Whereas many declare that this planet was Mars (and discuss with the principle that there could possibly be life there long ago), others recommend that it was the planet that as soon as lived the place the asteroid belt is right now. [10]

Can our potential cosmic ancestors have escaped a dying planet or a planet struck by a huge cosmic physique? Might a few of the inhabitants flee and settle in a nearby world? (Named Earth.) Might this even provide a partial rationalization for the huge body of historic texts that converse of "star-studded beings?" Might these be narratives of our origin that have, in time, been translated and misinterpreted as obscure and suggestive writings we’ve immediately?

Perhaps this might additionally clarify the 25 hour default setting on our inner physique watches? Might this planet – if we accept this claim that it was a planet – have had such a cycle? Might it also have a decrease gravity that would go well with us better, even at present?

Whether or not the suggestion that we come from different world prisoners or those who have survived an extraterrestrial race looking for sanctuary from their rotten planet, the concept that we as a species might have those cosmic roots is definitely meals for thought.

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